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Welcome Associate researcher Letian Wu from Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences to be Committee member!


Associate researcher Letian Wu

Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Research Area:

Facility agricultural engineering

Research Experience:

Associate researcher Letian Wu, graduate student in facility agricultural engineering of Xinjiang Agricultural University, has been engaged in facility agriculture since he have been working. He has solid professional basic theoretical knowledge and strong practical ability, and he can actively learn the research methods and means of this discipline, the current status and development trend of the discipline at home and abroad, with relevant modern new technology capabilities. Moreover, he is good at learning, accumulating experience and carry out scientific research and solve certain technical problems. He hosted 4 projects including 1 National Natural Science Foundation of China and participated in more than 40 projects. He was selected into the Autonomous Region Excellent Youth Program in 2017 and the Autonomous Region Tianshan Fertile Soil Program in 2019. He published 8 papers as the first-author, 4 corresponding authors, and 3 edited articles. He won 2 national invention patents, 35 national utility model patents and 6 software copyrights. In addition, he participated in writing 1 national standard, 36 local standards, 2 autonomous region awards, and 3 results registration.

He has made outstanding contributions in the field of solar greenhouse engineering. He has designed solar greenhouses suitable for the local characteristics and climate characteristics of 31 counties and cities in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and combined the production and practice of greenhouse design to promote the technology of facility agriculture, Shawan, Turpan, Altay, Yichang, Changji National Science and Technology Demonstration Park, and Wuqia County Science and Technology Bureau hired greenhouse engineering experts and science and technology commissioners. The total value of the technology development and promotion project contracts was 6.87 million yuan, creating a large Social and economic benefits.

Important Dates

● Submission Deadline:Jan. 7, 2020



● Notification Date:1-2 weeks after 




● Registration Deadline:Jan. 8, 2020



● Conference Date:Jan.10-12, 2020


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